Graduate Nurse Program

Cohuna District Hospital - Graduate Nurse Program
The Cohuna District Hospital (CDH) Graduate Nurse will be supported in the 12 month transition from student to confident, competent nurse.  This is achieved through the close network of qualified, invaluable and accessible staff within the organisation.

We recognise making the transition from student to registered nurse can be challenging.   CDH allows for a smooth transformation, supporting the graduate nurse to always work within their scope of practice, utilise evidence-based practice and maintain a high standard of nursing care.

Participate as a team member with all levels of medical, nursing, community health and allied health staff in a multidisciplinary approach to heath care.

CDH will ensure that you have the availability to attend some of the most sort after education sessions, seminars and in-house-services as part of your allocated study days during the Graduate Program.

For more information, please contact the Director of Clinical Services, Lynne Sinclair, 54 565 300 or email