Cohuna District Hospital is a main employer within the town and surrounding area utilising those people with expertise in management, administration, nursing, hospital services, diversional therapy and maintenance. Together, staff work in a team environment to ensure the best possible care is delivered and the best possible outcomes are achieved for our clients.

  • Senior Management
    • Michael Delahunty:
      Chief Executive Officer
    • Lynne Sinclair:
      Director of Clinical  Services
  • Visiting Medical Officers and Specialists
    • Dr Ken Cheng:
      Director of Medical Services
    • Dr Peter Barker:
      General Practitioner/Radiology/Obstetrics/Anaesthetics
    • Dr Ali Sheaar:
      General Practitioner
    • Dr Narendra Rana:
      General Practitioner
    • Dr Clare Bottcher:
      General Practitioner/Radiology
    • Dr Mina Younan:
      General Practitioner/Obstetrics/Anaesthetics
    • Dr Megan Belot:
      General Practitioner/Anaesthetics
    • Mr Huw Williams:
      Orthopaedic Surgeon
    • Dr Graeme Dennerstein:
      Obstetrics and Gynaecology
    • Dr Patrick Moore:
      General Surgeon
  • Board of Management Members
    • Jean Sutherland (Chairperson):
      President - Board Member since 2015
    • Amanda Hutchinson:
      Vice President – Board Member since 2013
    • Deanne Van der Drift:
      Treasurer – Board Member since 2015
    • Lorraine Learmonth:
      Senior Vice President & Treasurer - Board Member since 2010
    • Lois Drummond:
      Executive Immediate Past President - Board Member since 2005
    • Geoff Hall:
      Executive - Board Member since 1994
    • Graeme Smith:
      Board Member since 1984
    • Ron Stanton:
      Board Member since 1999
    • George Payne:
      Board Member since 1999
    • Cameron Hodge:
      Board Member since 2008