District Nursing

Cohuna and District are fortunate to boast a comprehensive District Nursing service that covers the areas of Cohuna, Leitchville, Gunbower and surrounding rural areas. This service offers a positive approach to health, directed at the whole person and the whole community. This service adopts the WHO (World Health Organisation) definition of health as being a state of "complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease of infirmity".

Our purpose is to:

  • help people stay in their home and local community.
  • Promote health and prevent disease.
  • Recognise people's rights to maintain their own independence and individuality.
  • Provide support to people so they can make their own informed decisions, regarding their health and well being.
  • Work with all health, education, welfare and other relevant services to provide a coordinated approach to health care.
What are District Nursing Services

The District Nursing Service is a service that can be accessed by you in your own home. A Registered Nurses will visit you at home on arrangement

How can I receive these services?

You can access these services through Cohuna  District Hospital or be revved by family, friends, yourself or your G.P. can make the referral.

What is the Cost?

Charges apply as set by the Department of Health and an account is sent out from the Hospital at the end of each month.Do you want detailed casting?

Your Rights

As a person accessing the District Nursing Services you have the following rights.

  • To be treated with respect, consideration and dignity at all times.
  • To be assured of confidentiality at all times within legal and departmental guidelines.
  • To a clear concise explanation of your health problems in words you understand.
  • To know the name, qualifications, and professional status of the health care worker you are to consult.
  • To be informed of treatment or management plans regarding your health care and to be given the opportunity to accept or reject the advice or treatment.
  • To make a complaint or grievance regarding an action that has unjustly and/or inappropriately hindered the service that you have received or could have potentially received may be endeavoured to be resolved directly with the person involved without fear of losing that service or having it reduced. Any unresolved issues will be referred to the Director of Nursing.
  • To an Advocate of your choice. Advocacy means to stand up for your rights or the rights of another person. An Advocate will provide the level of support required to enable a person to stand up for his or her rights
  • To nominate an advocate; friend, family member, relative, minister or priest who will represent the best interests of that person.

Arrangements can be made through contacting the Cohuna District Nursing Service. Further information can be obtained from the Loddon Mallee (HACC) Advocacy Line Brochure.

Reassessment and service provision are reviewed regularly to ensure that appropriate care is being provided to the client and their families/carers. Three monthly reassessment and care plan review should occur or as need arises with client participation and consent.