Infection Control

Cohuna District Hospital has five priority areas on which to focus our infection control work as identified in the Victorian Infection Control Strategy.

  1. Management Commitment, Leadership and Accountability

    This is demonstrated through our strategic plan, Infection Control Multidisciplinary Committee, and policy and procedure manual that reflects current best practice.

  2. Monitoring of Infection Control and Reducing Infection Rates

    Cohuna has participated in the pilot phase of the introduction of VICNISS for type 2 surveillance, for hospitals with less than 100 beds. We have collected data on the following areas:

    • Multi Resistants organism (MRO) infections detected after 48 hour in hospital
    • Bloodstream infections detected after 48 hours in hospital
    • Haemodialysis associated event rate
    • Health care worker Measles vaccination policy.
  3. Prevention of Adverse Events

    An Alcohol based hand rub hand hygiene product has been introduced into all wards and departments to ensure compliance with hand hygiene. Consumer information brochures have been developed to assist in education of staff and visitors with regard to hand hygiene.

  4. Surveillance

    Regular cleaning audits are conducted internally to ensure the hospital is maintained in an acceptable level. This process is then validated by an audit that is conducted by an external person and this data is reported to the Department of Health. The average internal cleaning audit score is well above the Acceptable Quality Level of 80%.

  5. Staff Health and Education

    CDH is committed to providing ongoing education and staff health, including provision of vaccinations and management of occupational exposures as recommended by the National Health & Medical Research Council.