As part of the Acute Care Ward, our maternity services accommodate on average 50 births per year. In conjunction with this, our Community Midwifery Program includes Antenatal Classes and Midwifery Booking in Procedures.

Antenatal Classes will be held at the Cohuna District Hospital on Tuesday Evenings from 7.00pm – 9.00pm.  Classes will run over 2 weeks and the topics that will be covered include:

  • Week 1:
    o   Wellbeing in later pregnancy
    o   Early Labour
    o   Partner Support
    o   Relation Techniques
    o   Labour and Birth of your Baby
    o   Induction
    o   Caesareans
    o   Tour of the Hospital
  • Week 2:
    o   Breastfeeding
    o   Life after the Birth
    o   Issues that may arise when going home
    o   Post Birth Care
Antenatal Classes 2016
  • February 2016
    Week 1 – Tuesday 9 February
    Week 2 – Tuesday 23 February
  • May 2016
    Week 1 – Tuesday 10 May
    Week 2 – Tuesday 17 May
  • August 2016
    Week 1 – Tuesday 9 August
    Week 2 – Tuesday 16 August
  • November 2016
    Week 1 – Tuesday 8 November
    Week 2 – Tuesday 15 November

We also provide Domiciliary Home Visiting within the Cohuna Shire and liaise closely with the Maternal and Child Health Nurses. We have staff who provide a 24-hour telephone support service for all our midwifery clients post discharge.