Maternity Admissions

Cohuna District Hospital (CDH) maternity services has been assessed against the Victorian Maternity and Newborn capability framework and is a Level 2 Service.  This means that we admit and birth only those women who are deemed low risk and gestation is >37weeks.  CDH has one (1) birth suite.

Booking Criteria Low Risk – can be booked at CDH

Maternal age >16 and < 45 at estimated date of conception
Not more than 4 previous births
First time mum with an uneventful pregnancy and no anticipated complications
BMI <35 on first presentation for antenatal care
No current medical disorder
Single baby (no twins)
Regular antenatal care commencing no later than 24 weeks gestation

Women who are outside the Low Risk Criteria may book at CDH, but only after a multidisciplinary discussion, external Obstetric review and authorisation by director of Clinical Services, Director of Medical Services and GP Obstetrician.  A shared care management plan/agreement may be implemented.

Note:  Whilst it is ideal that complications requiring specialist services are identified early and prior to established labour, women who present in established labour with conditions that would normally exclude them from birthing at CDH and establishing that a transfer would be unsafe, will be managed locally in consultation with specialist obstetricians and paediatricians as required.

On occasions the Maternity Service at CDH may be on Diversion

Diversion of the Maternity service at Cohuna District Hospital is called for “as short a time period as possible” and this can occur for a number of reasons, e.g. short fall on the General Practitioner, midwifery/ nursing on-call roster and is only called to maintain the safety of all mothers, unborn babies and staff.

When Diversion is called, all women expected to deliver in the Diversion period, will be provided with a referral pathway information pack.  CDH will make arrangements and notify Echuca Regional Health, Bendigo Health and Swan Hill District Health and share your antenatal information.  The choice of hospital is yours to make and CDH staff will assist you through this process if required.